Spontaneous works on paper

Julia Crosara’s paintings dwell in the imperceptible boundary between the conscious and subconscious mind and convey a sense of freedom and ingenuity. Her use of color is bold and vibrant, and she creates new pieces with the spontaneity and determination akin to jazz improvisation. Working in the moment, she communicates her state of being through the expressive use of color, texture, layering, and paint.

Inspired by the automatic techniques practiced by the Surrealists, Julia continuously explores novel ways of interacting with paint while giving chance a leading role. She creates unbroken lines by dripping fluid paint and tilting the surface in different directions to find the unexpected. Incidental shapes spring to life after pressing two paintings together and pulling them apart. The resulting images jump off the surface, the nuances demand attention, and best of all, the meaning of each painting is left to the subjective imagination of the viewer.