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Resurfacing Series

Excavating the colors and textures of time

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Improvisation Series

Paintings inspired by jazz improvisation

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Breaking Free

Spontaneous works on paper

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Preludio Flamenco

Jazz video project featuring nine abstract paintings

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Eclectic Mix

Miscellaneous Abstracts

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Nature Inspired

Various interpretations of land and sea


Julia Crosara is an abstract painter from Chicago who is currently based in the Seattle area. Her early interest in art was strengthened by the city's vibrant art scene, starting with the Art Institute of Chicago, which was a source of inspiration throughout her formative years.

The innovative artist is known for creating paintings that are dynamic explorations of color, texture, and movement. Her bold and confident style is characterized by her use of spontaneity and lyricism, in tune with the spirit of Abstract Expressionism.

Equally proficient in oil and acrylic painting, she takes an experimental approach and combines paint with oil pastel, graphite, and cold wax. She employs brushes, palette knives, scrapers, rollers, and heavy sandpaper to achieve a diverse range of viscosity, tactile surfaces, rhythmic movement, and contrasting hues.

Julia's artwork has been shown in solo and group shows, as well as juried exhibitions in art galleries and other venues in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Her paintings reside in private and corporate collections, and they have been praised by collectors and art professionals alike.

In July 2021, Julia's work was featured in the article, "How Abstract Artists Use Mixed Media," written by Renée Phillips, the director-curator of Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY.

Several of Julia's paintings from the "Breaking Free" series were recently selected by the curator of Art Folio for publication in 2022.

Julia earned a BA in Art History from New York University and a BFA in Painting, with Honors and Distinction, from the University of Illinois at Chicago's School of Art and Design. She was mentored by renowned artists Susan Sensemann and Kerry James Marshall.

A sense of curiosity drives my painting practice and I frequently discover new ways of interacting with paint. Unfinished artwork is often a starting point for new paintings, which adds to the richness of their multilayered surfaces. I respond in the moment and communicate my state of being through the expressive use of color, texture, layering, and paint.